Cleaning your roof has become a necessary part of home maintenance with the appearance of unsightly black stains within the last two decades. These stains are actually living organisms that feed on the roof itself, known as Gloecapsa Magma.

Roof Shingle Cleaning Maryland

Gloecapsa Magma feeds on limestone nutrients that are manufactured into the shingles themselves. Roofing manufacturers capitalized on the the benefits of using an increased amount limestone filler in the shingles as a substitute for the heavy and expensive asphalt. The limestone filler made the shingles cheaper to produce, lighter for installation, more flame retardant, and more durable. Unfortunately, the increase of this filler causes the roof surface to darken faster as it is actually feeding the infestation.

The darkening of the roof surface causes the shingles to absorb more heat from the sun. A dark, hot roof in the summer costs more in energy bills to keep the house cool, causes the shingles to dry up and crack prematurely, and ultimately leads to premature roof failure. A roof that goes neglected will not last the full life of its manufacturer’s warranty and will cost more to repair than regular maintenance.

Because Gloecapsa Magma is a living organism, it can be killed. Our safe, efficient, and certified roof cleaning treatment ensures a 100% kill ratio of all these infestations. We are so sure of our process that we back it with a 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty!

See how we can help save you thousands in costly repairs and protect your largest investment with a free Roof Cleaning estimate today!

Our Process:
As a Certified Applicator through SoftWash Systems we only operate using all manufacturer's recommendations for roof cleaning. The soft wash method has been proven to extend the longevity of your roof without any damaging pressure. We utilize the most advanced technology in the industry to ensure the longest lasting treatment; a treatment backed by a 5 Year Warranty and a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our entire roof treatment process goes further than just removing ugly stains and bacteria from your roof. We will do so much more to make sure you get the most out of our service! We will also:

  • Inspect the roof for damage and soft spots
  • Remove all debris from the roofing surface
  • Remove overhanging branches (that can be reached from the roof)
  • Remove debris from gutters
  • Ensure downspouts are not clogged

After completing all of the above, we begin the actual treatment of the roof. To see before and after photos, Click Here.

What are the Benefits of an Allbrite Soft Wash Cleaning?
Curb Appeal: A clean roof and home will make your house stand out in your neighborhood and leave your neighbors in envy.

Our one day cleaning process will ensure Curb Appeal for years!

Longevity: Don't Replace it! Clean It! A dirty roof is susceptible to leaks and cracks caused by algae, moss, and lichen, which lead to costly repairs.

Cleaning your roof can prevent future damage.

Manufacturer Recommended: The American Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) recommends our 100% Eco- Friendly, non pressure Soft Washing.

A roof warranty can be voided if a roof is neglected or if it is cleaned with pressure!

Energy Savings: A dark roof is hotter than a light roof. A dirty roof is darker than a clean roof. A dark roof absorbs more heat, which can increase energy costs especially in the summer.

See how a clean roof could save you money on cooling.

Health: Got Allergies? A neglected and infested roof could cause irritants to seep into the attic space and degrade the air quality inside.

That's right! You could be breathing in the infestations on your roof!

Allergy Irritants

Value: A simple and affordable soft wash provides huge value to your property without breaking the bank.

Selling your home or refinancing? Let us get your home ready for inspection or picture day so it is the brightest on the block.

Housing Values for Refinance or Selling

Certified: All of our technicians are trained with 20+ classroom hours, 10+ field hours, with the most advanced equipment in the industry.

When it comes to maintaining your largest investment, your home, invest with the experts.

SoftWash Systems WarrantyWarranty: Not only is our roof cleaning treatment encouraged by the roofing manufacturers, we also warranty our treatment for 5 years! Who else will back their work for 5 years?